Find out the value of your property with a complimentary property price report provided by one of our experienced Local Property Team Moreton Bay real estate specialists located at 9/145 Griffith Rd, Newport, QLD.

Our complimentary property appraisal service is provided by our local real estate agents with no obligation to list your home for sale. It's important to keep updated with what is happening in the property market and the trends that affect the value of your home for sale or for rent.

In just a few clicks you can book a free property appraisal with one of our consultants who will give you the exact price position of your home.

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1. What is my house worth?

We will provide you with a complimentary home appraisal to let you know exactly what your home is worth in today's market.

2. Do I have to sell my house?

There is no obligation at all to list your home for sale. We conduct thousands of property appraisals each year to keep homeowners updated.

3. What is the local real estate market like?

We will provide you with a detailed report that outlines every sale in your suburb so you have an accurate overview of the local real estate market.

4. How long does the in-home property appraisal take?

We recommend that you allow around 15 minutes for your consultant to inspect your property to get a good understanding of the key features and condition. We can also provide you with recommendations on how to present your home to maximise the sale price.

5. Can you tell us what renovations we can do to get the best price?

We can definitely provide you with advice on which areas you should invest your time and money in to sell your home for the highest price. 

Our experienced property consultants have plenty of tricks and tips that could add tens of thousands to your sale price

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